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On Demand Painting Tutorial FAQs

learn to paint from home with step by step online painting tutorials 

What's an On Demand Painting tutorial?

It's a super fun, creative way to unwind and enjoy a fun creative session from the comfort of your own home! It's an easy to follow video tutorial showing you step by step how to create your painting - all online!

All our painting tutorials are super easy, and you don't need any experience, so you can unwind and take time out getting some quality creative time for yourself. You’ll get a big happy boost while you paint and finish with a beautiful painting to enjoy!

Wear your pyjamas, your onesies or whatever you’re comfy in. Grab a glass of your favourite drink and turn it into your own sip and paint party!

If you’re thinking they look hard, nope, I’ve designed them all to be do-able by anyone, even if you’re painting for the very first time!

Check out some of the frequently asked questions below or see what other people said about their painting experience with us. 


What's included?

  • Full supply list including paint colours and brush sizes.
  • Youtube painting tutorial with step by step instructions to create your masterpiece from start to finish.
  • Reference photo to use as a guide while you paint.
  • Tracer template if needed.
  • A fun, relaxed creative session.
  • A massive smile on your face! Painting is tonnes of fun and good for your wellbeing.
  • 24/7 lifetime access to your tutorial.

How do I get an on demand painting tutorial?

Start by deciding which painting you'd like to paint from all our On Demand Painting Tutorials then simply purchase the one you want and we'll send you instant access.

As soon as we've received your payment we’ll send you an email with your supply list and video tutorial. Use the supply list to get your art supplies ready, then just push play on your tutorial and paint!

Where can I watch my painting tutorial?

Anywhere you like! We'll send you a link to your video tutorial that you can watch on any computer or any internet connected device. Hook your device up to a big screen for an even better painting experience and we'll be right there with you guiding you through your painting.

All our On Demand Painting Tutorials are online so can be viewed via internet so you can paint with us from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, and a device to watch on, you can enjoy painting fun from anywhere.

What materials will I need? 

You'll need a canvas (or something to paint on), some paint and some brushes! We'll send you a full supply and colour list when you purchase your tutorial so you'll know exactly which brushes and colours to get.

If you want to paint more often here's a video I did that will give you some tips on what art supplies you need to get started painting and where to shop for the best prices. Click here to watch.

We use the same set of brushes (a small selection of sizes and types), and paint colours to create all our paintings, so once you've done a few of our tutorials you should have all the art supplies you need to create any of our paintings.

What if I've never painted before and can't even draw a stick figure?

No problem.  All our paintings are designed especially for people who've never painted before or feel they lack any creative ability. If you think you're not creative or artistic - we're here to help you unleash your inner artist and have fun doing it. 

With our easy to follow step-by-step guidance just about any non-artist or first time painter can create a painting so there's no need to feel nervous. The aim is to have fun and relax, regardless of your painting skills. 

How long will it take?

Our tutorials are approximately 3 hours, so you can have a finished painting in just a few hours! Of course if you'd like to take your time you can push pause anytime and paint at your own pace. Or if you want to paint over several days, you'll have 24/7 access to your tutorial so you can come back to it as often as you like. 

What will I be painting?

Each tutorial features a different painting. We've created a selection of paintings for you to choose from. Just select the one you'd like to paint from our On Demand Painting Tutorials.

Many of our paintings are based on local Wellington and New Zealand themes because quite simply, our country is gorgeous and full of kiwi awesome and we know you'll love painting our home grown content. And there's others based on famous paintings like Monet's Water Lilies and Van Gogh's Starry Night.

How should I prepare for my painting tutorial?

Gather all the recommended supplies and set up a comfortable space to paint, preferably with good lighting. Every tutorial comes with a supply list so you'll know exactly what you'll need.

You'll also need a computer or internet connected device to view your tutorial. Check it's fully charged or make sure it's plugged in. If you have a big screen you can connect your device to, that's even better!

Grab a drink and some snacks and wear whatever you're comfy in (and don't mind getting a little paint on).

What if I don't have the recommended art supplies?

If you're currently in lockdown and/or can't get out of the house to buy art supplies, you can order online and have them delivered from most places that stock art supplies.

Or you could do a scavenger hunt around your house and see what you can find. Don't worry if you don't have the exact materials on our recommended supplies list, you can use whatever you want like colour pencils, pastels, marker pens, watercolour paint and there's lots of other things you can paint on instead of canvas.

Check out our alternate art supplies list for ideas.

I purchased my tutorial but haven't received my email yet? 

You should have received your email as soon as you purchased your tutorial. If you didn't, check your Junk and Spam folders for an email from Heart for Art. If you find our email there, please add us to your address book so you'll get any further emails from us.

If you still can't find it send us an email and we can send it again.

I've downloaded the supply list but cant find it?

If it doesn't open automatically, your computer should save it to your downloads folder. Everyone's computer has its own settings, so if your downloads are set to save somewhere else just do a search for the file name. If you still can't find it, contact us and we can email it to you.

Do I have to paint the featured painting?

No. You're free to follow what our artist is teaching, or, if you want to add your own creative touches, choose your own colours or paint something else ... go for it! We encourage all creativity! The main point is to have fun!

What if I can't keep up with the tutorial?

Our artist will allow a little time for you to complete each step. If you do get a little behind, just push pause and you can complete your masterpiece at your own pace.

When can I access my tutorial?

You'll get instant access. We'll send your tutorial straight to the email address you provided when you purchased, so you can start painting straight away.

And you'll have 24/7 lifetime access.

How many times can I watch my tutorial?

As many times as you like! You'll have 24/7 access to your tutorial so you can watch it whenever you want and as often as you want.

Many of our students enjoy doing the same painting again with different colours, or just to get more practice.

How often do you add new tutorials?

We regularly add new paintings. We try to create at least one new painting a month. Best way to keep up to date with new painting news is to get on our mailing list and we'll let you know when new painting tutorials are added. Join HERE

Who is the artist that will show me how to paint?

Silke will be your art coach on your tutorials. She's been painting all her life and taught thousands of first time painters how to paint, and she'd love to teach you to. Read more about Silke at the bottom of our About Us page.

Are On Demand Painting Tutorials suitable for children?

Yes absolutely! We recommend ages 7 and older. Depending on the age of your child and their skill level, some of our paintings may be a little harder to do. That said, we've noticed that kids actually often do better than our adult painters because they're not nervous about trying things or afraid to make mistakes!! 

Do I need to download any software to view my tutorial?

Nope. As long as you have an internet connection and a device to watch it on there's no need to download any new software or signup for any new accounts. Just click and play - nice and easy.

Will I be able to ask questions if I get stuck?

Of course! Our goal is to make sure you have a fun, relaxing time AND create a painting you love, so you can email us to ask questions anytime. Just reply to the email you received with your tutorial or check our other contact details.

I'm not in New Zealand, can I still watch your painting tutorials? 

Absolutely. As long as you have an internet connected device you can watch from anywhere in the world.  And you'll have 24/7 access to watch whenever suits.

Do you have a discount if I want to buy lots of On Demand Painting Tutorials?

We sometimes have specials for our supporters and mailing list subscribers. Get on our list and we'll let you know when we do. Join HERE.

The best way to get a 'regular painting discount' though is to Join Paint Club where you'll get a new painting tutorial every month for less than the individual tutorial cost. There's a tonne of other awesome benefits of being in our monthly membership too. Find out more HERE

Where are the FAQs for the monthly Paint Club membership?

Right here: Paint Club FAQs

What's your refund/cancellation policy? 

All tutorials are sold on a no refund, exchange or cancellation basis. 

Do you sell gift vouchers?

We sure do. Our gift vouchers are like giving two presents 'cos you're gifting an awesome art experience AND they'll end up with their own finished painting!

What's the copyright on your paintings?

All our paintings are created especially for you to enjoy during your online or in-person painting session only. We (Heart for Art) hold the copyright and intellectual property for all our paintings and any notes or videos that go with them, so you can’t reuse or reproduce them in any form, anywhere, no matter how much you like them. Thanks for your cooperation.

You haven't answered my question?

If you have a question we haven't covered, drop us a line. All our contact deets are here.

One last thing from us

Heart for Art reserves the right to withdraw any painting tutorial at any time for any reason. 

Refer our Terms and Conditions for full details.

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