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About us

Heart for Art is all about sharing the joy and healing of art.

Our Paint Parties, online tutorials and painting membership are a super fun and creative way to unwind and try something new.

Heart for ArtLife can get a bit full on and cray cray sometimes and you just need to escape for a bit and do something that makes you feel good. Aside from being great fun, we believe art has the power to heal.

If you've always wanted to learn to paint, are looking for something fun and new to try or you just need to unwind and destress, join us for for a fun, relaxed, social painting escape at a 2-3 hour Paint Party in the Heart for Art studio or grab any of our easy to follow step by step painting tutorial videos and paint from the comfort of home.

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We’ve closed our Wellington Art Studio so are no longer offering in studio events

All Online services and Paint Club continue as usual



We’ll provide everything you need at our Studio events (canvas, brushes, paint, inspiration), and a full supply and colour list for online events and video tutorials, and show you, step by step, how to create your own masterpiece. Our Paint Parties and tutorials are super easy for anyone to follow.

And if you think you’re not artistic, or can’t even draw a stick figure, don’t worry, Paint Parties are for anyone, even if you’ve never painted. Seriously, no experience necessary. We’ll show you how.

At the end of your Paint Party you’ll be chilled out, have found your creativity and have a painting you'll be proud of ready to hang on your wall.

Imagine how awesome you'll feel every time you see your painting and know you created it.

Come escape to a Paint Party - book yours now

Or grab yourself an On Demand Painting Tutorial

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Why paint with us in the studio?

You'll get more value.  We want to offer the best art experience available, so we've gone full bells and whistles for you. We've found all the coolest arty stuff and created an awesome studio to give you a proper art experience - with all the gear you'll feel just like a real artist. 

Best of all, you'll have 3-4 hours to paint! Plenty of time to create a proper masterpiece! All that fabulousness is included in your ticket price along with complimentary snacks and hot drinks. Awesome!

Read more about all the extra value below and check our Frequently Asked Questions to see everything that's included in your Paint Party.

Heart for Art Wellington Art Studio


More paint time and a bigger canvas. Our Paint Parties are 3-4 hours. We don't want you to feel rushed so we're giving you plenty of time to make your masterpiece super awesome. And with a nice big canvas your painting will look even more amazing when you take it home and hang it on the wall.

Enjoy the full artistic experience. Heart for Art is the only art studio based social painting business in Wellington. Our art studio is chock full of colour and creative inspiration. We don't do normal or boring so we've filled our studio with loads of funky, cool, arty things to give your a properly arty environment to paint in. We've even got a collection of art books to inspire you. 

With good tunes playing you can truely relax and let the arty vibes get you in Paint Party mode. It's a super laid back atmosphere and a great way for you to find your creativity in a safe and supportive space while socialising with others who are painting for the first time too.

Keeping it local. We love New Zealand and all it's stunning gorgeousness, and we reckon you love it too, so all the paintings we create are locally themed and based on all the things we love that make Aotearoa unique. Find out more about our paintings or pick your favourite from our upcoming events.

About the Owner

Silke Hendel Founder owner and chief paint slinger Heart for Art social painting studio

Hi I’m Silke, artist, owner and Chief Paint Slinger at Heart for Art.  
Nice to meet you. 

My pics and job title should give you an idea of my nature - happy, easy going and love to have a little fun with life. I'll be bringing that approach to your Paint Parties so you can be sure you'll have a great time. I call it "professional fun".

Silke Hendel - Owner and Chief Paint Slinger, Heart for Art

So a little more about me. I’ve had a love for all things creative my whole life, especially painting, and get so much therapeutic joy from brushing colour onto canvas. My Mum's a talented artist and my Dad is pretty creative too, so I got blessed with a double dose of creative genes.

I've been painting most of my life just for my own enjoyment (and therapy) and have shown and sold my work in joint exhibitions including the NZ Art Show as well as solo exhibitions. Check out some of my paintings.

Before Heart for Art I was working full time as a Marketing Manager for a global charity. It was a really rewarding role that I loved, but after 10 years in the role and the changing needs of the organisation, I was made redundant. It was a massive blessing though ‘cos it gave me the opportunity to turn my love of painting into this business. I’m so stoked to be able to do what I love everyday and I get to share the fun and awesomeness of painting with you.

When I paint, I get lost in the canvas and the colours. All the stresses and worries of life just melt away and I feel totally refreshed. If you want to share that feeling come paint with me.

Island Bay seagulls © Heart for Art NZ

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