Our Mission

Our mission is to share the joy and healing of art.

Heart for Art Our Mission - Sharing the joy and healing of art through creative fun





Doing anything creative, is not only fun but also super therapeutic. The joy you feel while you're creating is almost as good as the thrill of seeing your finished work of art. And, while you paint, the stresses of everyday life just melt away.

Painting is a great way to put 'happy deposits' into your wellbeing account. It has the power to heal.

We're passionate about making art more accessible, so more people can experience the positive benefits of painting. We wanna use paint and canvas to bring positive change to our community, so we're excited about growing our business so more people can experience the buzz of painting and the healing art provides. 

Art isn't just about art, it can also be about connections, community, healing and just plain fun. Come paint with us and help us spread art goodness. Together lets paint the town red ... and blue and purple and whatever colour takes your fancy.

Let's paint the town happy. 

Join our mission, Book your art therapy today.

Art therapy with Heart for Art Wellington