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Our Mission

Our mission is to share the joy and healing of art.

Heart for Art Our Mission - Sharing the joy and healing of art through creative fun





Doing anything creative, is not only fun but also super therapeutic. The joy you feel while you're creating is almost as good as the thrill of knowing you created your own work of art. And, while you paint, the stresses of everyday life just melt away.

We want to put smiles on faces and happy into hearts by sharing the fun and positive benefits of art.

Painting is a great way to put 'happy deposits' into your wellbeing account.

We want to break down barriers and prove that anyone can paint.

Even if you think you’re not artistic or that you wouldn’t be able to paint, we'd like to prove, that with the right guidance, anyone can create their own painting. Yep, anyone, especially if you’ve never held a paint brush or can’t even draw a stick figure. With our step by step instructions, It’s a lot easier than you think.

We believe everyone has creativity, most people just haven’t found it yet because they’ve never tried or they’ve never been shown how. Our goal is to make sure anyone who paints with us finishes with a happy heart and a finished painting they love.

We're passionate about making art more accessible, so more people can experience the thrill of creating their own masterpiece and feel the healing benefits of painting. We want to use paint and canvas to spread arty joy and bring positive change to our community.

Come join us to find your creativity. 

painting makes your happy at Heart for Art

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