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Paint Club FAQs

What is Paint Club?

Paint Club is a monthly online painting membership where you will be guided through a new painting each month from blank canvas to finished masterpiece!

If you’re not sure if Paint Club is right for you, or still have some unanswered questions, below are a few of the common ones answered for you. If you still have questions, we’d love to answer them for you, just send us a message via our contact us page. Hope to see you in Paint Club soon!

This is the FAQs page for Paint Club if you'd like to go straight to the source, and learn everything about Paint Club CLICK HERE

How do I enrol in Paint Club?

You can enrol here: Join Paint Club

How does it work?

Each month you'll be invited to join a live online painting tutorial where you'll be shown step by step how to create a new painting. These will be hosted and live streamed in a private Facebook group usually on Saturday afternoons (NZT).

You'll get an email letting you know it's there, so you can join the event and get the supply list and any tracers for that month's painting.

You can join and paint along with the live event or watch the replay any time that suits. And you'll have 24/7 access to the replays as long as you're a member.

What if I can’t do it? I’m still not sure I have what it takes?

I’m focused on great results. I’ve tested my teaching method with thousands of students who’ve never painted before and helped them create beautiful art, so I know I can help you do the same!

Along with the monthly painting tutorials, we also have loads of extra resources and tools to help you learn new painting skills and techniques. PLUS a whole library of painting tutorials for even more learning and practice.

What if I’m not creative enough? Will this still work for me?

Yes, my step by step process will work for you no matter what level you’re at because it’s about evolving from exactly where you are at the moment.

Most people think you need all the painting ‘know how’ and creative experience before you can create art you’ll be proud of. But this is FAR from the truth.

You will get beautiful results from your very first tutorial. Paint Club is designed to help you learn all the things you need to know while you paint so you can start getting results much quicker. So as you learn your knowledge, your paintings and your confidence improve! 

There’s no waiting until you learn enough, or get some experience. With the tutorials and the way I teach, you’re creating great art from day ONE and you’re discovering and you’re having fun exploring your creativity as you go.

What if I can’t draw?

This is Paint Club not Draw Club! 

Seriously though, I break everything down into easy to follow steps, including any sketching for your paintings, so you don’t need any drawing skills.

And, if there’s a design that’s a little trickier I provide you with a tracer so all you have to do is trace the lines and you’re good to go. I even show you how to do that part too.

I design all the paintings I teach specifically for people who’ve never painted before so it makes it possible for ANYONE to paint them and I’m always there to guide you along the way.

What if I’ve never done anything creative before and have no painting experience?

That’s the beauty of Paint Club, you don’t need any experience to join because I help you get it. Taking action and working with me as you grow your creativity is part of the experience. As you grow you’ll get more knowledge and confidence and be able to unlock your true creative potential.

My teaching process has taken students from never having picked up a paintbrush, and having no clue how to do anything creative, to painting beautiful masterpieces every time AND having the confidence and know how to paint their own designs and some are even creating paintings from their favourite photos now.

So if you’re on your creative journey, Paint Club helps you expedite the process while keeping you aligned with your creative dreams.

Paint Club works for you no matter what level you’re at because it’s about evolving from where you are.

How much time will this actually take?

I design all the painting tutorials to be do-able in only a few hours so you complete a painting, from start to finish in an afternoon, so it’s much easier to fit regular creative time into your schedule.

How quickly will I get results?

That depends entirely on you and how quickly you want to put the teaching into action. We’ve had Paint Clubbers who created their first painting the day they joined, and in only a few hours, and others who were confident enough to start adding their own personal touches to my designs after only a few tutorials.

What’s the risk?


Honestly, I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with Paint Club because I stand by what I create and how I deliver it. I know that if you follow my step by step methodology, you will, without a doubt, create beautiful paintings that will be better than you would have been able to do before you joined. Or, you can cancel your membership at any time.


What if I've never painted before and can't even draw a stick figure?

Don’t let that stop you!  Silke has taught thousands of people just like you how to paint, and get great results. You don’t need any experience. She teaches at all levels. Check out what others have said about their painting experience with us.

All my paintings are created especially for people who've never held a paintbrush before or feel they lack any creative ability. 

With my easy to follow step-by-step guidance just about any non-artist can create a painting so there's no need to feel nervous. The aim is to have fun and relax, regardless of your painting skills. 

And I will always be there to answer any questions and guide you while you’re painting. It’s like having your own personal art coach!

What if I don’t have time to watch the tutorials each month?

Not a problem! You’ll have 24/7 access to replays, so you can paint whenever you like, and as often as you like! Play, push pause, paint at your own pace.

How long will I have to do the painting tutorials?

As long as you need.  As long as you're a paid up member you'll have access to everything so you can take your time and paint when ever suits you.

What will we be painting?

I surprise members each month with a brand new, fun painting created especially for Paint Club.

These paintings are exclusive to Paint Club first and can't be purchased anywhere else.

What if I don't have any art supplies and don't have a clue what to buy?

I've got you covered! Every painting tutorial comes with a full supply list, including paint colours, brushes and any tracers so there's no guessing what you'll need. Easy! 

Plus you'll get my shopping list of basic, must have art supplies that includes tips on where to shop for best prices. It’ll help you avoid wasting money on the wrong art materials, and will make buying your art supplies and getting set-up with the right materials so quick and easy.

How long is each painting tutorial?

All the tutorials are around 2 to 4 hours so you'll be able to create a painting from start to finish in an afternoon! Or you can take your time with the replay and spend a day creating one painting, up to you. Every painting is different and teaches your different styles and techniques, so the time to complete them varies. 

Are the lessons live?

Each month there will be a new painting which will be taught live and there is a replay available straight after so you can paint with us live or work through them or revisit them anytime.


When are the Live Tutorials?

Our Live painting tutorials are once a month usually on a Saturday afternoon. Replays are available straight after.

What if I can’t make the live date?

You can paint with us live on the date or watch the replay any time you like after the live event. You'll have 24/7 access so you can go back to your tutorials as often as you'd like.

What if I can't keep up with the Live tutorial?

If you'd rather take more time, you don't have to paint with the live tutorial. You can paint at your own pace with the replay, so there's no pressure to keep up and you can take as long as you need.

What if I get behind on the tutorials?

You can’t really get behind. You’ll all paint at different times and be working on different paintings and the video tutorials will always be there for you to watch whenever you’re ready.

How will I access the painting tutorials?

Live tutorials are hosted in our private facebook group which you can access 24/7. All your tutorials, supply lists and any other resources will be there.

You will also have access to all replays and resources in our private members site including our online painting library which you can access 24/7.

Don't worry about not being tech savvy, it's all easy to find and I'll help get your started.

Will I be able to ask questions during the Live Tutorials?

Of course! Our goal is to make sure you have a fun, relaxing time AND create a painting you love, so you'll be able to ask questions via the comments. And you can ask questions anytime in our private Facebook Group.

How long will I have access to the membership?

All the arty goodness inside the membership is yours as long as you stay a member.

Is there a contract?

Nope, and you can cancel any time you like. No commitments, other than to have fun painting!

What are the payment options?

Currently Paint Club is $33 NZD per month or $330 NZD annually (2 month's free YAY). You continue to pay this price as long as you remain a member, so even as the price goes up each year, yours stays the same.

How do the payments work and when will I be charged?

Your membership fee will automatically be charged each month or year (depending on your subscription choice) on the day you joined and will only stop if you cancel, so you only need to purchase 1 membership once.

What materials will I need? 

You'll need a canvas (or something to paint on), some paint and some brushes! You'll get a full supply and colour list before each painting tutorial, so you'll know exactly which brushes and colours you'll need.

We also use the same set of brushes and colours for all our paintings, so once you have them you wont need to keep buying new supplies.

What if I don't have the recommended art supplies?

You don't have to have the exact same supplies as we'll be using. You can get creative using any colours you like and paint on anything.

Who is Paint Club for?

Paint Club is for all hopeful aspiring artists wanting to learn to paint and build their confidence while enjoy regular creative time.

Whether you're a beginner painting for the first time, or you want to improve your skills, you will learn new techniques and grow your skills with every painting no matter what level you're at.

What if I missed a tutorial?

No problem, it'll be recorded so you'll be able to watch the replay any time after. You'll have 24/7 access as long as you're a paid up member

What if I still can't create a painting that's any good?

I'll be honest, I can't guarantee your results — that’s up to you. But what I can promise is that I'll be teaching you the EXACT method to create each painting.

The same method I’ve used teaching thousands of other first time painters that have seen them finish their session with a massive sense of accomplishment and BEAUTIFUL paintings they're proud of.

And I'm not kidding when I say — if they can do it, so can you!
If you follow my steps, you will end up with a great painting.

Is Paint Club suitable for children?

Yes absolutely! We recommend ages 8 and older. Depending on the age of the child, some of our paintings may be a little harder to do. That said, we've noticed that kids actually often do better than our adult painters because they're not nervous about trying things!! 

We have lots of parents / grandparents and kids who paint together. You only need one membership between you.

Do I need to download any software to join/view a Virtual Paint Party?

Nope, there's no need to download any new software - nice and easy.

As long as you have a Facebook account you'll be able to join the live lessons and our community.

Do I need internet access?

Yes, You'll need the internet to access Paint Club and all the goodness inside and to watch any tutorials.

Do I need a Facebook account?

Yes and No. Our private members community, and where I teach live, is hosted in a private Facebook group which you'll be granted access to once you've joined. 

However you can join and access all the tutorials and resources in our private members site, so you can join without a Facebook account, you just wont be able to paint with us live or get access to our community of awesome members.

I'm not in New Zealand, can I still join Paint Club? 

Absolutely. If the Live painting tutorials happen at a time that doesn't suit in your timezone, you can still join and watch all your tutorials on replay. You'll have 24/7 access to watch whenever suits. We have members from all corners of the globe!

What's your refund policy? 

All memberships are sold on a no refund or exchange basis. 

What's your cancelation policy?

You can cancel anytime you like! You're not locked in to any contracts so you can unsubscribe anytime. Once you've cancelled your payments will automatically stop and you'll no longer have access to any Paint Club content.

Will I still have access to the tutorials if I cancel my membership?

A Paint Club membership works that same way Netflix does, once you cancel your membership you will no longer have access to any content or the private community. 

What's the copyright on your paintings?

All our paintings are created especially for you to enjoy during your online or in-person painting session only. We (Heart for Art) hold the copyright and intellectual property for all our paintings and any notes or videos that go with them, so you can’t reuse or reproduce them in any form, anywhere, no matter how much you like them. Thanks for your cooperation.

Seriously though, I just don’t think I’m creative enough? Will this really work for me?

Absolutely, this is a proven system that works for anyone at all levels, even if you've never held a paintbrush or done anything creative before.

There are so many members in Paint Club already who thought the same and they're now all having a tonne of fun creating beautiful art. If they can, I know you can too!

Silke has taught thousands of people how to paint. Almost all of them have never painted before and still created beautiful paintings. You can check out some of their masterpieces on our facebook page photo albums.

I've used my years of experience painting and teaching to develop a unique step by step teaching method that's so easy to follow, ANYONE can do it.

You haven't answered my question?

If you have a question we haven't covered, send us a message. All our contact details are here.

One last thing from us

Heart for Art reserves the right to delay or cancel any live painting session at any time due, internet outages, tech issues, sickness, etc.

If we feel we need to delay or cancel your a Paint Party for any reason, we'll do our very best to let you know as soon as possible and reschedule another session. Refer our Terms and Conditions for full details.

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