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About Our Paintings

Keeping it local

Paint your own Island Bay © Heart for Art social art class

We all know New Zealand is stunningly beautiful and Wellington is the coolest little capital in the world. (It's true, just ask Mr Google). 

All that kiwi gorgeousness has inspired us to create local themed paintings for you to choose from. You'll get to paint our gorgeous scenery and wildlife and the uniquely kiwi things we love about Aotearoa.

Our goal is to create paintings of all our favourite places, beaches and bays, our local wildlife like tuis, kiwi and dolphin and our local plant life like nikau, ferns and korus. Since there's so much awesome-ness everywhere here, we'll be creating new paintings all the time.

Browse our gallery for all the paintings we've done so far or pick your favourite from our upcoming events and join us to paint your very own piece of Aotearoa. Book now. 

Suggest a painting idea. Got a favourite place you'd like to paint? Drop us a message using the form below and we'll see if we can turn into a Paint Party painting for you.