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FREE Kingfisher tracer for FREE online painting tutorial


Free painting tutorial - Blue green Kingfisher on blue sky background

The free Kingfisher tracer below accompanies our free Kingfisher painting tutorial.

Use it to pre-trace your Kingfisher onto your canvas before watching the tutorial.

Step 1. Copy and paste the tracer picture below into a document and resize it to fit on your canvas or whatever you’re painting on. 

Step 2. With a piece of carbon paper between your printed tracer and the canvas, position your Kingfisher where you’d like him. (see below if you don’t have carbon paper)

Step 3. Hold one corner firmly in place and trace over all the lines. Have a quick peek to make sure it’s transferring ok. Check to see you’ve got all the lines before removing your tracer.

You're now ready to paint your Kingfisher. Click here to watch the free painting tutorial.

Free painting tracer - Kingfisher line drawing

No carbon paper? No problem Use your pencil to scribble on the back of your print out. Cover where all the lines are. This will have the same effect as carbon. On a window is the easiest way to see where the lines are.