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Silke's Paintings

I’m in love with the stunningness of New Zealand scenery. I especially love the colours and shapes created by light and shadow on the landscape. I'm super inspired by Kandinsky and Hundertwasser so I love to use bright colours to reflect the vibrance and diversity of Aotearoa. 

I prefer to paint landscapes, mainly 'cos I can't do faces and hands very well, and I'm no expert at creating photo realistic paintings, so abstract is my go to style. Abstract also leaves me free to interpret things any way I please. 

This country is positively oozing natural beauty through its colourful people and landscapes – and it’s this beauty I try to capture in my paintings. I hope I do it justice. 


Dancing Dolphins © Heart for Art NZ

Dolphins are regular visitors to Wellington these days. Such happy creatures that make everyone smile. This painting was inspired by the dolphins dancing in the bow waves of my Dad's boat.


Oriental Bay Wellington © Heart for Art NZ

Gotta love a city that has a beach in it's CBD. When I was working in town, my colleagues and I would often nip down to the beach for a swim in our lunch break. Love our city.


Limestone Island Whnagarei © Heart for Art NZ

I painted this one for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. It's the view from their place in Whangarei, with a Kandinsky flavour.


Island Bay Wellington © Heart for Art NZ

Have enjoyed many summer days on the beach here. A favourite Wellington spot.


Castle Point Wairarapa © Heart for Art NZ

One of my most favourite places on earth. Such an incredible place to explore and enjoy the best of our coastline. Painted this one for a friends birthday.

I hope my paintings have inspired you to try a Paint Party. Imagine how amazing it'll feel to you create your own masterpiece.

Paintings for Paint Parties are not as complex as the ones shown above, so everyone will be able to complete them by the end of their session. Check them out and book your Paint Party now.

All Heart for Art paintings are created especially for you to enjoy during our Paint Parties and can't be reproduced outside the studio, no matter how much you like them. If you'd like to create your own Book Now.