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Types of paint brushes and their uses

Confused about all the types of brushes and their uses? I've got you covered!

If you're new to painting and don't know what brushes to buy or how to use them, this free tutorial is for you! 

Buying paint brushes can be super confusing if you’re a first time buyer. There’s so many combinations of brush shape, size, bristle type and brand, you don’t know where to start! Watch my video to find out about all the types of paint brushes and their uses.

I'll share the 5 things you need to know that’ll simplify brush buying and help you decide exactly what paint brushes to choose ... AND I'll show you some fun brush strokes you can use each one for! 

You'll learn about basic paint brush types and uses, so you'll know what brushes you need to get started painting, and you'll get some ideas for how you can use your brushes.

Don't get confused buying brushes, watch my video below to find out exactly how to choose paint brushes, so you can get started and enjoying painting sooner!


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