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FREE Step by Step Christmas Tree Painting Tutorial

Have fun painting online with this easy tutorial. Learn how to paint a Christmas Tree!

Do you want to learn to paint, but don't have any experience?
Are you looking for an easy painting to get started on?

Or maybe you're stuck in lockdown and looking for something creative to try?

This easy online painting tutorial is your answer.  

Step by step Christmas Tree painting with Heart for Art

Watch my video tutorial and learn to paint your own Christmas Tree.

I break it down into easy to follow steps and show you how to paint a Christmas Tree from start to finish.

You'll learn some basic painting techniques and have some fun getting creative ... and splattering stars for the night sky!

This one is perfect for beginners, great for all ages and fun to do together!


  • acrylic paint colours: cool blue, deep green, light green, black, white, warm red, yellow (or any of your favourite colours)
  • something to paint on, I use a small rectangle canvas.
  • a small to medium round brush and a small bristle brush. I use a #4 round brush and a #4 bristle brush.
  • hair dryer (to speed up drying)
  • paper plate (or something to put your paint on)
  • a cup or jar of water (to clean your brushes)
  • paper towels or an old rag (to dry your brushes)

Once you have all your supplies ready, click the video image below to watch, paint, learn and have fun!


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