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Paint Silhouette of a ToeToe Bush

Learn to paint a Toetoe Silhouette ... and get a sneak peak into my Kiwi Starry Night painting!! 

Learning to paint is great fun. Knowing how to learn new painting techniques can be a little harder if you've just started. This quick free tutorial will teach you how to paint a simple silhouette.

Watch my recent free video tutorial as I show you step by step how to paint the New Zealand toetoe bush silhouette from my Kiwi Starry Night painting!! 

I'll talk you through the brushes I use, and how to use them to paint your toetoe silhouette, and you'll learn a few new painting tips along the way.

And I’ll let you know how you can learn to paint your very own Kiwi Starry Night acrylic painting on canvas!!


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