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Learn the basics of colour mixing with my FREE rainbow painting tutorial

Are you new to painting and not sure how to mix colours?

Do you struggle to mix your paint to get the colours you want? Or, don’t know what colours to combine to make other colours?

Watch this free video tutorial to learn the basics of colour mixing while I show you how to paint a colourful rainbow.

If you're new to painting and never been shown how to mix colours, or even what colours to mix to make another colour, it can be a bit tricky to get the colours you want, and you can easily end up with muddy colours.

Thankfully it's easy once you know how.

Watch my free rainbow painting tutorial below to learn about primary and secondary colours; gain a better understanding of what colours to combine; and the best way to mix your colours, so you can mix with confidence every time.

No more wasting paint because the colour turned out all wrong!

What you’ll need:

  • at least one medium sized brush
  • paint: red, blue, yellow, black and white
  • something to paint on
  • a small jar or cup of water (to wash your brush)
  • paper towels or an old rag (to dry your brush)

Watch, paint, learn and have fun!

birds eye view of acrylic rainbow painting tutorial show artist painting square canvas with paint palette

If you enjoyed this quick painting lesson, imagine how much more you'll enjoy a whole painting class with me. Join me in person or online and I'll give you step by step guidance to create your own masterpiece. See all our upcoming events.

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