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How to trace a photo onto canvas

Learn How to Trace a Photo Onto Canvas so You Can Paint Your Favourites!

How to trace a photo onto canvas

Have a favourite photo you've always wanted to turn into a painting? Watch as I show you two easy ways to trace it onto canvas!

Maybe you have a collection of photos you'd love to paint but you haven't figured out how to get it sketched onto your canvas, then you're going to love this tutorial!

It's so easy once you know how.

In this tutorial I show you two easy ways to transfer your photo to your canvas so you can open up a whole new world of possible paintings! 


  • The photo you'd like to trace, photocopied or printed to the size you want to paint it.
  • carbon paper and pencil
  • canvas or something to paint on

Click the image below to watch my quick video tutorial then grab your favourite photos, get tracing and have fun painting them!


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