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How to paint grass the easy way!

Learn how to paint grass step by step - easy!

Have you tried painting grass but you haven't gotten the results you wanted? Or maybe you're nervous to try? This easy painting tutorial is for you.

Watch my video below as I show you step by step how to paint grass. It's easier than you might think!

Short and small grass, medium sized grass and really big, tall grass. I’ll show you step by step how to easily paint grass in three different sizes. 

I show you what colours and brushes I use, including my favourite fan brush, and show you exactly how to paint each type of grass. 

This simple painting tutorial is a nice easy one that's perfect for beginners. You can follow along and watch me painting, then go try yourself. You'll see how easy it is and you'll want to paint grass on everything!

And I’ll let you know about some of my upcoming paint parties and tutorials that have grass in them to give you an opportunity to get some practice painting grass!! Watch below.


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