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How to make skin colour paint

4 easy steps to make skin colour with paint

Struggling to mix the perfect skin colour for your paintings?
Not sure what colours to mix to get the shade you want?

Watch my short video below to see exactly what paint colours to use and how to mix them to make any skin tone paint your want!

A lot of people think, I'll just throw a few colours together and see if I can figure it out ... I mean how hard can it be, right?

But if you're not sure what colours to start with or what quantities to combine them in, or even what order to mix them in ... you could end up wasting loads of time, and paint, and still not get the colour you want.

Ever done that? I know I have many times.

Or maybe you got so fed up trying and failing to make your skin colour paint, you just used a colour that was as close as you could get it to the skin tone you wanted, even though it wasn't quite right, and ended up with a painting you weren't happy with.

That's what I did when I painted a family portrait, the skin colour I mixed wasn't the right shade, and was way too dark, and everyone ended up looking like over tanned aliens! yikes!

So I know it can be disheartening when you don't know how to mix the colours you want and it can suck all the joy out of painting.

That alien family portrait was many years ago now, and thankfully I've learned a tonne about colour mixing since then, and I want to save you the frustration and disappointment.

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Watch the video below and I will show you exactly how to make skin colour with paint in just 4 easy steps.

  1. I'll tell you why understanding colour dominance is important,
  2. exactly what paint colours to start with,
  3. show you how to mix your colours in the quantities, and the right order, to make a base skin colour paint,
  4. and what colours to add so you can make any skin tone paint colour you want.

No more wasting paint, or time. Click the image below to watch.

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