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How to hang canvas paintings like a pro!

Do you have canvas paintings you’d like to hang but you’re not sure how to hang them? Or maybe you’re confused by all the different options?

I’ll give you five ways to hang your canvas paintings like a pro! You’ll quickly get the hang of all of these (pun intended) since they’re effortless and simple to follow. You’ll be enjoying gorgeous art covered walls in no time!

5 ways to hang canvas paintings So you’ve decided it's finally time to hang all those lovely paintings on those walls that have been empty for ages. But wait, WHAT? You don’t know how to hang these on the walls? Or maybe you’re confused by all the different options? Don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered! You’re here at Heart for Art with Silke, and I’m going to teach you how to accomplish this grand task.

I’ll give you five ways to hang your canvas paintings like a pro. You’ll quickly get the hang of all of these (pun intended) since they’re effortless and simple to follow.

I’ll start with the most expensive and most challenging way of putting up your canvas to the easiest and most affordable one. You’ll be enjoying gorgeous art covered walls in no time!

And I’ve given you a choice - you can read all the tips below or watch my video further below. So, let’s get into it.


1. Professional Hooks and clips

painting hanging

If you’re looking to adorn your living spaces with paintings in a professional way you should look into these hooks and clips. You can get these hooks from any picture framing, hardware or DIY store (I got mine from Bunnings). They come in a variety of sizes and shapes so grab the ones best suited to the size of your frame.

painting hooks

Now begins the trickiest part; you need to make sure you get the top one directly in the centre of your canvas frame. The difference of even a few millimetres will have your canvas hanging lopsided So be careful about that. Grab a ruler and measure to make sure.

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2. Loop screws

Loop screws are the second technique for putting your painting up to be admired by your guests.

Hang painting with loop screws

Simply screw those into the back of your paintings and put a string through them. Ta da! Your paintings are ready to be hung on the wall, just five minutes later! Don’t forget to hammer a nail firmly into the wall to hang your art. Place the string over the nail, and now you're done.


3. Drawing pins and screws

Hang canvas painting with drawing pins

One of the easiest ways to put up your paintings is to use drawing pins or screws.

First, get your painting canvas and push the drawing pins into the underside of the top edge of the wood frame (or screw in your screws). Then attach a string over it, and your canvas is ready to be hung on the wall.

Another way is that you can simply put a drawing pin in the wall and hang the frame over it. This trick will only work for small and lightweight canvases though. If your canvas frame wood is soft, then over time, the weight of the canvas may outweigh the drawing pins, and boom, you now have a painting on the ground!


4. Screw hooks in-wall and sticky hooks

wall hooks to hang paintings

Screwing hooks into the wall is another good way of displaying your art. For this, attach the string to that beautiful canvas and then simply place the string over the hook. The painting will look perfect this way.

Another thing you can do, if you are not willing to screw it, is glue it.

Plastic Hooks to hang paintings

Yes, you got it right; use sticky hooks. The ones that come flat are the best. They make your painting canvases more aligned with the wall. You can get these in sets of 3 or 5 or more for only a few dollars.


5. Lean against the wall

You are now moving on to the easiest of all ways to display and showcase your artwork. Drum roll please … Simply put them on that lovely dressing table or desk of yours. Place them high on a shelf along with some books or anywhere you want. This doesn’t cost you a cent!

This is the most inexpensive technique ever made!


Now that we’ve covered the techniques, I have a few extra tips to offer:

Velcro dots trick

Velcro Dots for paintings

Paintings, when hung, can sometimes leave scuff marks on your lovely walls. To stop this happening, you can try my velcro dots trick.

Just grab some velcro dots or strips and cut them into pieces, and attach the soft side to the corner of your frames. The soft side will be pressed against the wall so it won’t leave any nasty impressions. Now you can admire your art and keep your walls protected.


Things To Consider Before Hanging Your Canvases

The weight of your canvas

The weight of your canvas plays a significant role in how it should be hung. Lighter ones are easier to deal with, but heavy ones require strong hooks and strings.

The value of what you are hanging

Wait, what? When did value become art and art become value? We’ll if you’re hanging a Monet you definitely want to hang it professionally! If your art is worth a little money, definitely take care to hang it properly.

Aside from the dollar value of art, there’s also the emotional or sentimental value, and let’s face it, that’s usually priceless! So hang accordingly.

Where do you live?

If you live in places that experience high winds or are earthquake-prone, like I do, then try using a small dot of blue tack on the bottom corners of your canvas frames and press them gently to stick on the wall. This way, every time the walls shake, you won't have to walk round your home straightening them all again.

Right, so now you’re all set and have no more excuses to put off hanging your canvases! Go, hang and you’ll be able to enjoy your art in no time.

Watch my video below for a demo of my 5 easy ways to hang your canvas art like a pro!

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