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Proper Brush Care and how to clean acrylic paint brushes

Learn how to clean acrylic paint brushes, proper brush care to extend their life and how to save ruined brushes.

In this video tutorial I share tips on brush care and how to keep them in good condition so you can extend the life of your brushes.

I also share some common mistakes to avoid that will ruin you brushes real quick, and some super easy ways to fix your already ruined brushes.

Are your paint brushes getting a bit tatty or damaged? Are the bristles separating in all directions making them difficult to use? Or maybe the bristles are getting a bit stiff with dried paint.

If you're sick of throwing away ruined brushes, this video is for you!!

I've taught hundreds of people how to paint in my art studio and I see new painters make the same common mistakes that ruin my brushes really quickly!

When I first opened my studio I was constantly having to replace brushes, it was so frustrating ... and expensive! (I now teach them how to care for my brushes too).

I've been painting most of my life and have learnt loads of great tips for how to clean, store and care for paint brushes so they last a lot longer and stay in better condition. And also some really easy ways to restore already ruined brushes and bring them back to great condition.

Click the image below to watch my quick video to learn my tips for proper brush care so you can extend the life of your paint brushes too. And I show you some easy ways to bring old and ruined brushes back to life.

No more throwing away brushes or working with sub-standard brushes. Just easy painting satisfaction and fun!


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