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How Non Creative People are Becoming Confident Artists

Struggling to boost your artistic confidence? All it takes is a little belief, a great teacher and the ability to pick up a paintbrush and just go for it!

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If you lack artistic confidence and you want to believe in your art ability, then keep reading. This article is for you!

Most people feel that they’re not creative enough to become good artists. Others feel they require tons of experience to learn to paint or draw well. If you’re one of those people then let me tell you that these are some of the biggest lies people tell themselves!

If you keep on believing this, you will spend the rest of your life wishing and hoping that you could become creative, instead of actually doing something to make it happen. That’s because you’ve already dropped your weapons before the game has even started!

False beliefs like these will forever keep you from picking up a paintbrush and experiencing the absolute thrill and enjoyment of creating your own piece of art and you will miss out on all the exciting aspects of the creative process.

Not only that, you will also miss out on all the positive benefits that creativity has on your well-being.

Want to Believe in your Art Ability? Here’s How!

Confidence in your art powers!

If you really do lack confidence in your art ability then let me tell you that it’s not your fault. Most people have been conditioned by the things they hear and our public education system which hasn’t been designed to nurture creativity and artistic capabilities. As students float through different classes, they can lose their artistic touch.

Other factors, like a bad grade in art class or a teacher telling you that you’re bad at art, can seriously discourage you, as a student, to pursue any artistic ambitions. When I was at school, our education system was rigged against us. Half the class had to pass, while the other half had to fail to meet the grading requirements. Dozens of extremely gifted students end up failing which can be quite disappointing and discouraging. I know because I was one of the unfortunate ones on the wrong side of the bell curve and I actually failed art at school!

Being told at a young age (something that happens quite often) that you’re just not creative can have a huge impact on you. You start to believe it. Your value gets tied to your effort and we all know that your effort is equal to what you believe you can achieve.

This means that if you believe in advance that you can’t achieve something then you’re simply not going to put in any effort to even try to achieve it. Most often, people reach this belief because they just haven’t had the right teacher, or something happened in the past that instilled the ‘I can’t’ attitude in them.

The truth is everyone is born with creativity within them. The only limitations are their willingness to try, or the right guidance to embark on the creative journey.

Creative people are those who believe they can, even before they pick up a brush!

They have the willingness to try even without any previous experience. They don’t sit around, letting the fear of failure stop them from trying. Even the greatest names in art like Monet, Van Gogh and Renoir had a first time! Imagine, if they’d told themselves that they couldn’t create art just because they didn’t have any prior experience? What a waste of talent and creativity that would have been!

The majority of the people (about 95%) who join us at the Heart for Art Studio or to paint with us online, have never painted before, but they all walk away with a finished painting that they absolutely love. They rejected the belief that they can’t paint, picked up the brush and created their first painting! They got an instant happy boost and the realisation that they can paint and be creative!

Let’s think of it this way: we all have the ability to learn how to drive a car. However, we all started from a point where we did not know how to drive a car and to reach a point where we did know, we needed a teacher. Ideally, this would be someone who is qualified because otherwise it would only take longer and would overall be a more frustrating experience. Those who succeed in learning how to drive are those who reject the belief that they can’t, while others who didn’t never even end up trying.

Now that you know the difference you have a choice to make: either you can continue believing that you can never be creative or that you’ll never be good enough, missing all the fun and enjoyment of painting, the sense of achievement on creating your first painting and being deprived of other positive benefits of painting like stress relief and a massive confidence boost, or …

Starting today you can step into and operate from the belief that you have creativity within you, that you can paint and become the artist you’ve always wanted to be.

All you need now is a good teacher! You might feel nervous, scared or even uncomfortable in the beginning but it’s all worth it in the end.

Or if you have started painting on your own but you’re not getting the desired results, you feel like you’re not using the right brushes or painting techniques, you don’t love the paintings you make or you’re continuously making the same mistakes, then it’s time you got yourself a teacher or an art coach to help guide you through the creative process.

At the end of the day, all you have to do is believe in yourself, believe that you have the potential to be creative and get the right person to teach you.

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