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Take your colour mixing off palette, and bring your paintings to life, with my easy mixing techniques.

Do your paintings look a little flat or boring? Do you want to learn new colour mixing techniques that'll help you create better art?

Watch this episode of HeARTYy Tips with Silke to learn how to mix colours on your brush and your canvas to add life to your paintings and make your colours pop.

I’m sharing this one because I know there’s a few of you out there who are new to painting and struggling with this. I hear people so often complain their paintings just look flat and boring, or that they can’t seem to make their art look interesting.

My goal is to help you create art you love, so I want to encourage you to experiment with new ways to mix colours. I'll show you how. Don't worry, it's really easy.

Most often you'll end up with flat art because you're keeping your colours too separated and you're not letting them mingle with other colours much.

If you're cleaning your brush between each colour change, you're robbing your painting of the chance to be more interesting, because you're not giving your colours a chance to work together as much. So you end up with flatter looking paintings.

If this is you, watch my video below, where I share a simple way to fix flat paintings by showing you how to go off palette!

I show you three easy ways to mix colour on your brush and your canvas, instead of on your palette.

I show you how to let your colours work with each other more, to create really cool effects that'll make your art way more interesting and appealing.

You’ll learn to love mixing colours in new ways and bring your art to life with my easy colour mixing tips.

No more boring, flat paintings!

Click image below to watch.

Colour mixing on your brush and canvas


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