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Acrylic Paint Transparency and How to Fix It

Is your Acrylic Paint Transparent and you don't want it to be, and you're not sure why or how to fix it?

Learn how to fix acrylic paint transparency and find out why some paint colours are transparent and others are opaque.

If you’ve ever been painting and you’re trying to paint over something and you can still see what’s underneath because your paint is transparent, or if you’re wondering why one paint colour barely hides what’s underneath and another completely masks it … this episode of HeARTy Tips with Silke is for you.  

It's actually easy to fix once you understand why it's happening.

Watch my video below where I explain why some paint colours are more transparent than others. And I show you three easy ways to fix your transparent paint colours.

Click the image below to learn how to take back control of your paint and paint over anything you like!


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