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5 Ways to Help you Make time for Painting

Tried of the daily grind? Want to get up and painting?

Is your 9-to-5 job soaking up your whole day? Are you stuck in an endless loop of work, chores & then more work?

Here are 5 ways to help you break the cycle through painting. 

Get up and Paint - 5 easy ways

Losing yourself in the hullaballoo of life is easy. And while I appreciate the hustle, I do believe it’s important, once in a while, to do something that feeds the soul and not the bank balance. Painting is one way to catch a break! 

However, most people who actually want to develop a legit painting practice struggle with one thing - making time. You might think people would have trouble with selecting a paint medium or the right brushes, but no. It’s more to do with how to fit the actual painting into their schedule.

Here are 5 ways to get you Up & Painting: 

1. Prep before Paint 

    I cannot stress this enough, but it is absolutely crucial to set up your painting area way before you start painting. That’s because nothing kills one’s motivation more than some last-minute tedious preparations. Maybe do it as part of your morning routine or right before you go to bed-whatever works for you! But make sure that all your painting supplies, like canvases, pencils, paint, paintbrushes and your easel are arranged in a ready-set-go mode in some corner of your room.   

    2. Slot it In 

      We often put off things, saying that we will do it when we get time. Few weeks in, and the task is still stuck on our to-do-list. 

      Make sure you move things around on your calendar and designate a date & time for each of your painting sessions. Even if you give yourself 2-3 hours of painting every week, as long as you commit to it, you are good to go!

      3. Watch Tutorials

        For a beginner, anxiety might kick in as soon as your lift your brush. 

        What to paint? How to start? Am I using the right paint and brushes?  

        If these are some of the questions you ask yourself before you start painting, we highly recommend watching some tutorials to help you get the process started. Click here to see what art supplies you need to get started and where to shop for best prices.

        At Heart for Art, we offer easy-to-access, step-by-step online tutorials for acrylic painting. Click here to check them out.  

        4. Trust the Process 

          As fun as it sounds, painting can be a little messy. You might struggle with colour choices, or what brushes to use and even if tutorials help, remember to always trust the process. Make mistakes, it's the BEST way to learn. Paint things you don’t like. Start Over. Just don’t give up. From the first brushstroke to the final masterpiece, embrace every step of the process and remember practice makes perfect. Most importantly .. have fun with it!

          5. The More, the Merrier 

            Painting does not always have to be a solitary act. And if you like parties, then paint parties might really get your creative groove going. 

            Heart for Art is offering social art classes (online & in-studio) and paint parties to amp up the fun in painting. 

            You can check out the upcoming event details & get tickets here.  

            Or invite some friends over and enjoy your own at home paint party with any of our On Demand Painting Tutorials! They're all step by step and easy for anyone to create.

            Final Thoughts 

            Painting can be both fun and equally therapeutic. We highly recommend you taking out time for it in your busy schedules ... because, quite simply ... painting makes you happy!

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