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different colour paint splashes filling the background including red, green, blue, purple and yellow with the words private party over the top

PAREMATA SCHOOL Room 6 Private Paint Party - Thursday 29 Oct, 10am

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Private Paint Party

This time slot is reserved for a private paint party.

The guests at this Paint Party will get to enjoy their own personal art party, and have the studio all to themselves, while they create their masterpieces! Lucky them! 

Featured Painting: Castlepoint

  Thursday 29 October 2020

Time:  10am - 1.30pm 

Venue:  Heart for Art Studio, 24 Kekerenga Street, Strathmore Park, Wellington. 

We're looking forward to painting with them soon.

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Our Paint Parties are a super fun, unique and creative way to celebrate any event with friends, family or colleagues.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, hen's night, anniversary, promotion, graduation or just want a memorable time out trying something new, a private painting party is perfect for any occasion. 

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