Your First Masterpiece

$97 FREE 3-Part Virtual Workshop for Aspiring Artists

HOW TO PAINT YOUR FIRST MASTERPIECE THAT YOU’LL ACTUALLY BE PROUD OF! even if you have no experience or can’t draw a stick figure!

Everything you need to know about learning to paint. Where to start, what art supplies you need and a step by step painting tutorial, so you can 'get painting' and see how easy and fun learning to paint really is!

Discover how few art supplies you actually need, and my proven process that's helped thousands get from not knowing where or how to start, to creating beautiful art they're proud of, and how many are now even confident enough to design their own paintings!

Join me LIVE Sept 1st, 6th and 8th, 7pm NZT (replays will be available)

Click the link below to REGISTER for my brand new online workshop … ABSOLUTELY FREE! 


 Learn to paint free workshop

Warning: Spaces are limited. Make sure to register early. Don't miss this Upcoming LIVE FREE Workshop!

In this Live Virtual Workshop You Will Learn:

🎨 How to overcome any nerves or self-doubt, and how to let go of the need to get it perfect so you can get the most enjoyment out of being creative.

🎨 Basic art supplies you’ll need so you’ll be ready to create your first masterpiece with me in Part 2 of the workshop. 

🎨 How to paint my sunset silhouette painting. I’ll break it down and show you step by step so it’s easy for anyone to paint (includes supply list).

🎨 Painting techniques and tips so you’ll get an understanding of the basics! 

🎨 And you'll get a behind the scenes look into Paint Club and how our members are building their creative confidence super fast!

🎨 You'll see the possibilities of what you can achieve and that IT IS POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE to learn to paint and create beautiful paintings you’ll be proud to hang on the wall … even if you have no experience! 

If you've always wanted to learn to paint but can't even draw a stick figure or don't know where to start or what to paint, or if you've tried to learn on your own but getting frustrated because you're not getting the results you'd hoped for then ...


If you're ready to see how easy and fun learning to paint can be and create Your First Masterpiece that you'll be proud of ... even if you have zero experience,
then scroll back up and click the button to REGISTER TODAY!


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