Team building

Coming soon ... team building awesomeness

Heart for Art Team BuildingWe're not offering team building events yet, but stay tuned, 'cos we're working on putting together super awesome team building packages with loads of bells and whistles. Ok, no actual bells and whistles ... unless you'd like bells and whistles ...?

Point is, we're not offering team building yet, but when we do we can totally tailor your team building event and include bells and whistles if you want them. We can also including catering, transport, decorations and even create a custom painting just for your group. Imagine how much fun your employees would have painting a Picasso style painting of the boss!

Our place or yours, or someone else's. Once we're ready to do team building events, you'll be able to bring your team to our art studio or we can come to you or meet you at a hired venue. You decide.

If you reckon this would be a totally awesome idea for your next team building event and you'd like us to let you know when we're ready to deliver, pop your deets in the form below with the words 'team building' somewhere in your message, hit the send button, and we'll email you as soon as we're good to go.

Cant wait? Wanna book in now? You totally can, just book into a regular Paint Party as a group